I’ve always been drawn to photos of abandoned buildings-schools, hospitals, homes. I’ve been following a community on LiveJournal for about eight years where members post pics of abandoned properties all over the world. They’re always haunting and sad, but for some reason…inviting.

Here’s a slideshow from today’s Times that depicts a Civil War-era compound that has been unused for years. I would be thrilled to visit this place before they rebuild it. I’d also be thrilled to see it used for an affordable housing complex, but I guess the location doesn’t make sense for that. I hate to think about all of the unused and deteriorated space and structures in this city that could be rebuilt into housing. But, I digress.

Here’s another fun and unrelated slide show from today’s Times. Dog Day Afternoon is a favorite movie of mine. I had no idea that it was based in reality.

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2 Responses to Abandoned

  1. straighttalk2u says:

    Haunting and inviting; wish I could move in.

  2. lisaweldon says:

    you would’ve loved being in Atlanta last week. Graffiti artists from all over the world were in town painting murals on old abandoned buildings, in deteriorating communities. . . . it was great! Infusing life into places unused for years. http://livingwallsconference.com/

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