I Have a Question(s)…

If Republicans succeed in overturning Roe v. Wade, and abortion becomes illegal in all cases except rape, incest or life of the mother, how would one prove rape?

Who will define rape? If a woman is date raped and too ashamed to tell anyone, then finds herself pregnant later on, does she just walk into a clinic and they take her word for it? Is she told “You were on a date with him, so it isn’t rape.” ? Does the accused have any say in it?

What’s to stop any pregnant woman from entering a clinic and stating “I was raped,” in order to have an abortion? How will this be proven? Who gets to decide how this will be proven?

Are we going to put the added burden of proving the rape onto the victim? Many victims do not report the crime out of fear, shame, shock, etc. They wouldn’t know at first that they’re pregnant. When they finally find out and there is no record of it, will authorities take her word for it?

This would be an incredibly horrific step backwards in the ongoing fight for women’s rights and equality. Please vote to make sure this nightmare does not become a reality.

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3 Responses to I Have a Question(s)…

  1. Eugene says:

    I don’t think that Roe v Wade would be overturned, even in the event of the Republicans gaining the presidency. I think it’s campaign rhetoric that’s designed to whip the bible thumping masses into a misplaces sense of hope.
    Also here’s a little (non-fun) funfact: the conditions for abortion that you outline at the start are the conditions in the Republic of Ireland.

  2. Eugene says:

    Damn, I should really proofread.

  3. I think you’re probably (hopefully) right…but I wouldn’t be sure. If it’s possible in Ireland (which is shocking), it’s possible here.

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